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Dealer Advertising

Dealership advertising ideas proven to boost your bottom line.


Google has become a company synonymous with the Internet. In fact, the word “Google” is now considered to be a verb in the English dictionary which means to find something online. The exact definition is: “To search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google”. Example: “I recently googled a BMW for sale and found one on Craigslist“.

Google also has an advertising system they call Google AdWords which has the ability to run ads, not only on their search engine, but on virtually all websites on the Internet. This means that when people are on websites such as AutoGuide.com or say, Ebay.com, Google, through their partner network of publishers, has the ability to target users with automotive ppc ads there too. This places Google in reach of 90% of Internet users worldwide. Google also dominates search results serving over 40,000 search queries every second on average. These numbers just cannot be ignored by any dealership that is serious about marketing themselves online.

Cars Digital Inc., has aligned itself with Google which enables our team to work together, with Google, to place your business at the top of the search engine.

This is precisely why, Cars Digital Inc., has positioned and aligned itself with Google in a program which enables our team to work together, with Google, through their Google Certified Agencies program. Our parent company, Long Island Media Inc., the company which actually owns our Cars Digital division, is a Google certified partner company. In essence, this means that when we create and setup automotive ppc ads for our dealers, we are able to set them up with all of the knowledge and experience Google requires in order to become Google Certified.

Through the Google Certified Agencies program, Cars Digital Inc., works together, with Google, to place your business at the top of the search engines for keywords you choose.

Additionally, Google AdWords reviews our ad client programs for performance and continually works with us to ensure they are meeting their goals and objectives while offering tool and tips to maximize the campaigns, if and when we miss something.

Mobile ads allow you to capture users while on the go with services they need right now.

With the ability to utilize Google to capture your audience, ads can be served on search engines, on desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and competitor sites – all to bring users to you. Google AdWords also enables us to follow users from your site wherever they may roam through their ‘remarketing programs’ which are designed to follow users with ads continually, to build your brand and bring users back to your website after they have visited, until they buy.

If you have heard about Google AdWords and have been reluctant to get started, contact us today to find out just how easy it is. We’ll set you up with your own corporate Google AdWords account, build out the account, create all of your ads, study your keyword and keyword phrase needs, and create a strategy to bring more buyers your way, and cap the entire thing at a budget that you are comfortable with. Find out why Google AdWords can help determine your dealerships’ success by contacting us.


  • The Internet is more measurable and flexible than print.
  • Google Adwords works faster than an SEO Service.
  • Online ads and video can be more engaging and dynamic.
  • You can have lots of control on your budget and expenses.
  • You can run ads on certain days or for only certain times.
  • You can target users by demographics and interests.
  • You can remarket the same users and visitors over and over.
  • You can follow users with banner ads all over the Internet.
  • You can place small ads along peoples email inboxes and messages.
  • You can target specific mobile devices in specific zip codes.

We also provide these Dealer Services

Service Statistics


Cars Sold


Amount Sold


Customer Satisfaction


Leads Delivered

* Sales statistics shown above are based on the number of vehicles we have on record as being sold across our 89 participating dealerships, multiplied by an average sale of $14,200.00. Leads delivered quantity is gathered from TurboListings.com syndication software which tracks phone and email leads, and is owned by Cars Digital Inc.,


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