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Sites which support the needs of used car dealers.


Auto dealers need a website that looks good, works well, and is 'responsive' so that it is designed to fit all types of screen sizes, large (desktop) and small (mobile or tablets). However, these are not the only characteristics which need to be included in your dealer website to make it effective for marketing; they also need the ability to input dealer inventory on the site while also having the ability to send or share that inventory to other websites such as used car shopping portals.

Vehicle syndication through data exports are critical for used car dealers and if your website is not going to include this ability, do not even attempt to order or build it; find another source. This is because dealer websites, ones which are built and delivered by auto-dealer website companies' always include these export features which are critical to your used car business. Real car dealer websites include must-have features and functions which help you market your inventory to a wide audience without having to manually enter vehicle information countless times. Real car dealer websites have special auto dealer functions which allow dealers to enter or scan a VIN number and will pre-fill common fields (explode the VIN) which saves a great deal of time for whoever is tasked to enter the inventory at the dealership.

Cars Digital builds our own robust export processes and syndicated dealer websites. Data Exports

Some car dealers order a website from a non-auto dealer website company only to find out later that displaying and syndicating specific inventory for sale is not supported by the site and causes the dealer to then find a different or additional provider. Cars Digital can offer your dealership a free website which will not only allow your dealership to input and export inventory, but it will also look professional, fit all types of screen sizes and most importantly, market your inventory on car dealers shopping portals such as and

If you are a used car dealer and you do not yet have a website, contact us today and ask about our free add-on dealer websites which comes with our pre-bundled marketing services.


  • Is your website responsive or mobile friendly?
  • Does your website allow you to input your inventory?
  • Does your website include a VIN number exploder?
  • Will you need to enter all inventory details one by one?
  • Does your website support sending vehicle data to other sites?
  • Does your website send your vehicles to Craigslist or other sites?
  • How do you plan on sending your inventory to classified portals?
  • Is there a back-end tool for your website inventory?
  • Does your website require you to manually enter vehicle information countless times?
  • Does your website pre-fill common fields saving you time?

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