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Call Tracking Services

Making the right marketing decisions requires accurate data.


Call tracking services allow you to test and measure different advertising campaigns against each other in order to figure out which ads work better, or which ones yield a better return on investment. They also help ensure your campaigns are working properly by creating a definitive measurable factor. Phone call tracking is also an exceptional way to add accountability to both your advertising team, staff, or agency.

How does they work?

Call tracking works by assigning different phone numbers to different ad messages to see which ones lead to more inbound leads and calls. The process of tracking phone calls is commonly used in the automotive industry, especially when it comes to lead generation. If you cannot track which ads work best, you are not able to fine-tune your advertisements to net you the best results. This is why, whatever your call tracking services are costing, it’s likely worth every penny, as long as they are continually helping gather data to improve your results.

Phone call leads are delivered by tracking phone numbers, voice recorded, include Caller ID, can be listened to, and are sent for reporting purposes as soon as each call ends. 

How is this accomplished?

When creating an advertisement, assigning a unique phone number to each individual ad helps measure its specific performance. For instance, let’s say you have different advertisements designed and you have not yet determined how your ads are appealing to woman or men differently; one way to test this and find out (which graphics are working better) would be to do a split-test; one with an image of a woman on the ad, and another similar ad with an image of a man. Using two different phone numbers, one for each of the ads, this will allow you to decipher which ads better resonate with your target customer. In other words, if you receive more phone calls from the ad with the woman, than the ad with the man, this tells you that your advertising should contain woman in its visuals to capture the best results.

Location tracking

But that’s not all you can do with phone call tracking. You can also use these unique tracking phone numbers to not only measure different messages in your ads, but actually measure which locations your ads are working better. Not sure which automotive shopping portal is working better for you? Assign a different phone number to each web site service; the one that brings in more calls, consider advertising more; the one which nets less, the opposite. If one doesn’t work at all, or brings in less than desirable results, cancel and use those marketing dollars elsewhere,trying different sites and services.

Technical stuff

Most call tracking services provide an interface where you can create a campaign, pick either a toll-free or local phone number to be used, and then enter in the target number (what phone should ring when a call comes in). You can then name each tracking campaign with something unique which identifies an advertising message or location. You can even record calls, get email notifications when calls come in, run reports and use other campaign tools to measure your success.

Cars Digital can help you with call tracking services using both local and toll-free phone numbers. All of our vehicle advertising services and syndication include free call tracking services for each campaign we run on your behalf. Contact us today to find out more about our call tracking services.


  • Call tracking helps you measure your marketing and ROI.
  • Effectively increases inbound phone lead conversions.
  • Recapture missed and mishandled inbound calls.
  • Evaluate and train sales teams by reviewing real calls.
  • Use call management processes to improve your business performance.
  • Stop spending money on unproductive ads or third party websites.
  • Get necessary insight to determine which advertising dollars drive the highest number of leads.
  • Get alerted in real time when calls end, then quickly review them.
  • Run reports on campaign activity or setup daily, weekly or monthly notifications.
  • Log your calls into your CRM automatically via ADF (Auto Dealer Format) email delivery.

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