Dynamic Inventory

Showing specific vehicles to users actively searching.


The Challenge

An auto dealership was looking to drive more on-site traffic and increase their CTR by delivering relevant ads to a highly-localized audience. They enlisted our Dynamically Displayed Live Vehicle Inventory Ads and geo-fencing technology to more effectively reach their target audience and improve their overall advertising performance.

The Solution

The team at Cars Digital Inc., dynamically served personalized ads to users based on the specific keywords they searched for and the contextual content they were reading. This means the dealership was able to adjust the content of the ads to show specific vehicles on their lot to users actively searching for that type of vehicle. Additionally, the team set-up geo-fences around specific locations and a conversion zone around the advertiser’s dealership to track online-to-offline conversions. The geo-fences were grouped based on specific locations and the advertiser provided unique creatives relevant to each location. After launch, our team monitored campaigns with the help of our multivariate algorithms and made mid-flight optimizations to improve performance including shifting budget to the highest performing keywords and locations.


The Results

To date, the campaign has achieved a .3% CTR. Additionally, the advertiser was able to record 455 geo-fence conversions resulting in a 300% increase in foot traffic as measured against the natural traffic metric. Overall, the dealership's business surged during the campaign period skyrocketing from the bottom of the automaker’s regional dealerships in terms of sales to the top in the region.

If you are in the market for a Dynamically Displayed Live Vehicle Inventory Ads or are looking for ways to strategically promote your inventory, contact us today for more information on our dynamically displayed vehicle inventory ads and how your dealership can benefit from working together with Cars Digital Inc.


  • Links customers directly to your live inventory.
  • Helps your dealership website get discovered.
  • Personalized ads to users based on the specific visits.
  • Beat out competitors, who are just using AdWords campaigns.
  • Ads that are relevant receive better quality scores.
  • Get higher click through rates and lower your average cost per click.
  • Reach users who are already engaged in searching for specific models.
  • Avoid users who have little to no real interest in the first place.
  • Increase ad campaign conversion rates exponentially.
  • Use geo-fencing technology to effectively reach your target audience.
  • Make mid-flight optimizations to improve ad delivery performance.
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