Data Exports

Capture wide inventory exposure with minimal effort.


One of the most powerful tools car dealers have at their disposal is their data export capable websites and/or their data export providers. Data exports allow dealers to send their new and used inventory to various shopping websites automatically in order to capture wide exposure with minimal effort and they are critical to your sales volume.

These data export tools always include built in technology which uses a 'VIN exploder' to auto-generate and auto populate OEM and vehicle characteristic input fields so that dealers’ do not need to enter all of this information in each input field one by one saving massive amounts of time. They also 'export' the entire available inventory for sale to various shopping sites automatically, usually once or twice per day. The alternative would mean having to place each and every individual vehicle on all different shopping sites manually, a daunting and near impossible task.

Data export services allow inventory managers and marketers to easily add, edit and delete vehicle inventory across all web sites and services used to promote vehicles for sale, a critical component to inventory management and marketing. Data Exports

For some small independent dealers as well as brand new dealers, they may not yet have setup a data export provider, a data export capable website, or any website for that matter.

Cars Digital can help you choose the correct website and data export provider from the get-go. We've also built and designed some of our own data export tools as well as teamed up with CDK Data, a globally recognized leading expert in automotive technology in-order to expand on our own robust export processes and build our own syndicated dealer websites.

If you are in the market for a dealer website or are looking for ways to strategically export your inventory, contact us today for more information on our data export technology and how your dealership can benefit from working together with Cars Digital Inc. and CDK Global data solutions.


  • Data export providers are considered third party vendors.
  • Data exports send your inventory to auto shopping sites.
  • Most data export services are built into dealer websites.
  • Files are similar to Excel files with rows of vehicle data including, makem model, VIN, price, color, etc.
  • Most providers import and export once or twice per day.
  • The majority of providers send and receive exports overnight.
  • A 24 hour delay is common between the time inventory appears or disappears from a third party website.
  • Export files are usually sent in .txt, .CSV, or .zip folders.
  • Files are typically delivered via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Exports capture wide inventory exposure with minimal effort.
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