Craigslist Virtual BDC

Going above and beyond just posting automotive ads.


TurboListings™ goes above and beyond posting automotive ads. Our systems, unlike any other, include not only human reviewers who manually optimize your ad titles and include key features, but we also handle those inquiries that come in via email, often with no contact details or CRM valuable information. For instance, Craigslist allows users to interact on their site anonymously, which is often a problem for BDC departments who are often looking to log and track as much information as possible, as these inquiries include little to no contact details for the dealer to keep track of.

TurboListings™ solves this problem by automatically responding to interested parties, acting as a virtual BDC, turning an anonymous inquiry into a trackable ‘phone-up’ which can be logged into a CRM and better ensure the dealership has an opportunity to actual speak with the shopper, by providing just enough information to answer the users question and then prompting them to call into the dealership for further information on the particular vehicle.

An effective virtual BDC for Dealer Craigslist Postings that increases phone call volume and improves productivity of sales teams; no other Craigslist posting service provider delivers this solution. Craigslist Virtual BDC

This results into increased phone call volume and better productivity of sales teams. No other Craigslist posting service provider delivers the solutions TurboListings™ delivers and this is just one example of why and how TurboListings™ out-performs others while saving your dealership time while increases lead volume.

You see, we’ve thought about absolutely everything when we built and designed Turbo Listings, which is why it is an invaluable automotive posting tool for Craigslist listings. Signup today and give a test drive or call us for more intricate details about the software.


  • Is it worth your time to track and respond to these?
  • If a lead has no name, phone number, or email, how valuable is it?
  • Would you prefer customers call your dealership?
  • Anonymous inquiries often include no return contact info
  • Would you prefer your sales people speak on the phone?
  • Would you prefer an initial filtered inquiry?
  • This system virtually eliminates all spam from Craigslist.
  • TurboListings™ saves you time and money making Craigslist more effective.

Service Statistics

4,400 Cars Sold
$62,480,000 Amount Sold
100% Customer Satisfaction
397,600 Leads Delivered
* Sales statistics shown above are based on the number of vehicles we have on record as being sold across our 89 participating dealerships, multiplied by an average sale of $14,200.00.
Leads delivered quantity is gathered from syndication software which tracks phone and email leads, and is owned by Cars Digital Inc.,
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